Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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In Shower 5 Star Truck in the hall of the basement of the machines in this same facility, and now in the garage of this industrial building, two intersecting realities. 5 Elsewhere shower had no shower at all, but a sterile place, as Basement Engine Room also was devoid of machines, and the garage was also Elsewhere a rigid concrete box. I was shot in the shower elsewhere but remained alive in the real shower 5. Now the rhinestone cowboy parked his truck in elsewhere and, with a little partner, drove away in my reality, fearing perhaps the authorities were looking for the ProStar + because he ran me off the road with her or for some reason I could not understand. This guy was able to do things that people have failed to see, like shooting an innocent cantaloupe pieces, and he could get out of reality Elsewhere in when it suited him.

The cowboy could have as many paranormal talents I possessed, or even more. May be. Except ... Well, it seemed that anyone with such amazing capabilities is not so ridiculously dressed. Not that I say that every person is gifted superhuman wear jeans and sweatshirts or T-shirts, as I do, all or Ralph Lauren. But leather boots with carved inlays fancy snakeskin? A black sport coat with red cuffs and collar crusted with glitter, as if he were a wannabe Grand Ole Opry? The Joker, Bane, Lex Luthor, Green Goblin: They all had better taste in clothes than this guy.
Moreover, in the real world, as opposed to comic worlds, a guy with paranormal powers would not draw attention to himself. Believe me.

Only with the eighteen-wheeler, I decided to check it out. He had left a set of keys in the ignition, obviously certain that there were no thieves in Elsewhere. The driver's compartment contained nothing of interest other than the string of red beads and small skulls carved in bone, which hung over the CB radio.

On closer inspection I had been able to do before, I think the long vertical locking bolts on the rear of the trailer were determined by measuring shackles. One of the released key.
By opening the large doors, a row of bulbs LED brightened along the ceiling from the center of the trailer back and forth. Immediately inside of the doors, a door with two stainless steel panels blocked entry. In a series of vertical bars of an inch, a talented metallurgist had incorporated three pentagrams, a Celtic cross, a Maltese cross, a Latin cross, ankh, two swastikas, and perhaps a dozen symbols I could not name. Work by an architect of this masterful, not a projection welding, steel regrained after building, harmonious design dazzling despite its disparate elements would cost several thousand dollars.

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